Jay Leno’s Garage in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

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3D satellite map location of the Jay Leno’s Garage

Famous American comedian and tv talk show host Jay Leno’s massive car garage in Burbank, Los Angeles. Jay Leno is a car and motorcycle enthusiast. Jay Leno, who has vehicles of many brands and models, has a large closed garage where he can store and maintain these vehicles. The garage has a covered area of 120,880 sq ft on a 3.83 Acres plot.

The property has several garages packed with the latest model. He’s considered one of the best celebrity car collectors in the world. His car collection features Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and antique vehicles from Harrod-James.

While many of the most recognizable cars in his collection are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and others that you’d expect of a billionaire, Leno also keeps an eye out for less-expensive cars.

In addition to the maintenance and repair of vehicles in the garage of the 1980-built Jay Leno, it also functions as a studio. In this garage, he runs an online show with videos of Jay Leno doing car reviews, and motorcycle reviews, comparing cars, and sharing them on YouTube.

Jay Leno’s garage is located at 3110 N Damon Way, Burbank, LA, CA, next to Hollywood Burbank airport.

Map location of Jay Leno’s Garage in Burbank, Los Angeles, California

3D drone (bird eye) view.

Jay Leno also sells car products through his website.

After learning where this huge garage, where Leno’s luxury vehicles are located and repaired and maintained, is located, you can contact them using the contact information below.

Phone: (888) 930-8743

You can send a message via the dialog box at [email protected] or by clicking this link.



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