Green Bay Packers Stadium: Lambeau Field, Wisconsin

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3D Google satellite map location of the Packers Stadium: Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field, or “The Frozen Tundra” as it’s affectionately known, is the home stadium of the Green Bay Packers, an American football team. It has a seating capacity of 81,441. Since 1957, the stadium has been home to the Green Bay Packers of the NFL (National Football League). It replaced the original City Stadium at Green Bay East High School as their home field, and it was informally known as New City Stadium for its first eight seasons. It was renamed in August 1965 in memory of Curly Lambeau—founder, player, and long-time head coach of the Packers.

The stadium is affectionately called Lambeau Leap after a famous Packers play where a player jumped into the stands after scoring a touchdown.

Lambeau Field Stadium is in the north central United States, located in Green Bay, a city in Brown County, Wisconsin. The stadium is located exactly at 1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI.

Google Earth 3D drone (bird eye) view.

The Packers have been playing here since 1957; but before that it was home to some other teams (including the Green Bay Bullfrogs and Green Bay Bobcats) and also served as a training ground for soldiers during World War II.

Map location of Packers Stadium Lambeau Field, Wisconsin

Packers Stadium Lambeau Field Initial-First While The Stadium is Being Built (1957 Historical Photo), Source:
Packers Stadium Lambeau Field Initial-First While The Stadium is Being Built (1957 Historical Photo), Source:

The Green Bay Packers stadium, Lambeau Field, was built in 1957 and is the oldest stadium in the NFL. Curly Lambeau built this stadium on land he owned with his wife so that they could watch their sons play on Sundays as well as on other days like Mondays when they weren’t working.

Its construction was funded by local businesses and citizens when they wanted to ensure that the Packers would stay in Green Bay. The original cost of building Lambeau Field was $960,000 (about $11 million today). $295 million was spent in 2003 and $435 million in 2021 to renovate the stadium and increase its seat capacity.

YearsSeat Capacity

The land on which the stadium is built, including the parking areas, is 53 acres (2,300,000 sq ft²) in total.

The field opened in 1957 with an original capacity of 32,150 seats; it was expanded over time to its current capacity of 81,441 seats. This stadium is the third largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity and one of only two stadiums in NFL history that have never been closed for any reason (the other being Soldier Field).

Packers Stadium Lambeau Field stadium inside empty seats view

Lambeau Field was named for Packers founder Curly Lambeau and is one of only two stadiums in the NFL that are named for people instead of corporations. The field was named Curly Lambeau Field from 1965 to 1973 when Curly retired as coach and general manager of the Packers.

In 1973, Lambeau Field was renamed in honor of Curly Lambeau. The stadium’s name was changed back to Lambeau In 1986, the stadium returned to its original name, Curly Lambeau Field, which it stayed until 1995 when it returned to just Lambeau Field. It remains this way today.

The stadium has been around since 1957 and it has hosted many memorable games over its history.

Green Bay Packers Stadium Lambeau Field Seating Chart (Seating Map)

Lambeau Field Atrium

The Atrium, five stories high and 376,000 square feet in size is the key to making Lambeau Field a year-round destination venue. The Lambeau Field Atrium offers several dining and entertainment options for Packers fans of all ages. Guests can use the free wireless internet access to check their e-mail or browse the web while enjoying a meal or attending an event.

The Atrium houses the Packers Hall of Fame, Packers Pro Shop,, and 1919 Kitchen & Tap. In addition, the atrium is available for private functions such as business meetings, conventions, and holiday parties.

Lambeau Field Parking

Parking for Lambeau Field is limited and should be purchased in advance. The Packers offer parking passes on a single-game basis. PMI also offers parking in nearby lots that can be reserved on an individual game basis. The majority of parking spaces in the lots surrounding Lambeau are sold out to holders of season parking passes, so it is recommended that you purchase your pass well before the game day if possible. Season parking pass holders who also require accessible parking are directed to accessible parking stalls close to the stadium in the same lot where they hold their season passes.

Pacers Stadium Lambeau Field Tour: Photo Gallery


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