Stephen Curry’s $31M New Living House in Atherton, CA

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3D satellite map location of the mansion where Stephen Curry lives with his wife and children.

NBA star player Stephen Curry continues his happy life with his wonderful family in their new home. So what do we know about their new home? Let’s find out about the new modern home Curry and his family have decided to live in.

NBA star Stephen Curry has a great wife and 3 great kids. Stephen and his wife Ayesha Curry are having a happy time with their 3 children in the remaining parts of their business. And they generally like to spend in their homes. NBA Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry sold his wonderful home in Alamo, where they lived with his family for 3 years, surprisingly for $6.3 million. After their happy life there, they moved to their new mansion in c, worth $31 million, not far from their old home in 2019. Currys are fans of celebrities, real estate, and home décor magazines, so they knew exactly what they wanted in their new house. The family is happy with the location, design, and decoration of their new home and is enjoying living there in 2019.

House Location

Map location of Stephen Curry’s luxury home in Atherton, CA.

NBA star player Stephen Curry’s home is located in the best place on earth to live (Atherton, CA). Atherton is a suburb of San Mateo County, California, United States, approximately 20 minutes north of San Francisco. It is bordered by Belmont Shore to the west, Millbrae to the south, Pacifica to the east, and Redwood City to the north. The climate is temperate Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. Summers are dry and sunny, while winters are wet and cool. With beautiful weather, miles of hiking trails, a funfair, parks, high-end shopping, and proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Atherton is the place to be.

Features and Facilities Of The Mansion

Stephen Curry’s home sits on an about 1.2-acre lot, home is a perfect example of how to keep your property private and secure. The gated entrance and long driveway make it difficult for people to see the house, and the security gate protects the property from intruders. The two wings of the house are separated by a central courtyard, which gives each wing its entrance. The house was built in 2019 and is 6560 square feet. It has a closed living area, making it perfect for families who want to keep their privacy. Curry’s wife Ayesha has a burgeoning lifestyle career, complete with the TV show and a new cookbook, so there’s no doubt this starter castle is a sweet spot for newlyweds seeking space away from paparazzi and other inconveniences associated with celebrity life in sports (just look at her kitchen).

3D drone (bird eye) view.

Stephen Curry’s Luxury House Exterior Tour: Photo Gallery

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s mansion was built in 2019 by Joe Comartin with Ken Linsteadt Architects and Studio Green. The new structure has three full levels and features a deft blend of traditional and contemporary styles, a popular look in the neighborhood.

In the main house, there are 1 living room, 6 bedrooms, 1 kitchen-dining room, and 4.5 bathrooms.

The home was built with sustainability in mind and features multiple glass-lined wings. The glassy, multi-winged house is surrounded by lush plantings and native flora, courtesy of the eco-friendly sustainability experts at Studio Green. Out back, an extra-large swimming pool is surrounded by a generous patio and a poolside cabana with a fireplace and built-in BBQ as well, ideal for entertaining. Extensive lawns, formal gardens, and generous terraces abound, and the property additionally features a small guesthouse tucked into a far rear corner of the lot.

The house is filled with high-end furnishings and accessories, including a Hunt Slonem painting hanging above the living room’s custom sofa. The foyer features a grey-and-white Kelly Wearstler Emmett Lounge chair, which stands out thanks to its curvaceous design and white accent pillows. A throwback seems to be part of Curry’s DNA, so she mixed in a set of vintage stools against an eye-catching blue marble countertop in the eat-in kitchen. She also added architectural pendant lights in the foyer, which hang from the ceiling over the curved sofa that faces two Kelly Wearstler Emmett Lounge chairs.

One of the home’s most striking spaces is the formal dining room, with its sultry black marble tabletop balanced contrasting with six Roxbury Dining Chairs and two Laurel Dining Chairs, both by Kelly Wearstler. Two sculptural coconut pods in a far corner additionally give the place a hint of an exotic vibe. The house also boasts a modern kitchen with plenty of stainless steel appliances, including a six-burner Wolf oven, as well as a breakfast bar overlooking the living room (which is where you’ll find the home’s most stunning feature: a stunning stone fireplace).

Stephen Curry’s Luxury House Inside Tour: Photo Gallery

Value Of The House (2024)

The address of luxury home of Stephen Curry & his wife Ayesha Curry is located in the settlement of Atherton, which is connected to California (United States of America). The house that Curry owned is real estate worth $32 million in 2022.

In addition, Curry will pay an annual property tax of $330,000 to his new mansion, which he bought for $32 million.

Curry’s Neighbors

Stephen Curry’s new Atherton neighbors are some of the richest people in Silicon Valley. Warriors owner Joe Lacob and WhatsApp billionaire Jan Koum both have homes nearby, while real estate developer Dave Dollinger and his wife Tara recently bought a $29 million property in Bel Air.

Atherton’s resident list includes a nearly countless number of tech tycoons and foreign business moguls. These include billionaire Liu Qiangdong, the so-called ‘Jeff Bezos of China, who bought a compound in 2017 for $33.5 million. Also living in Atherton is Chinese real estate billionaire Liu Zhiqiang, who owns a $25 million compound, and KKR’s multibillionaire leader George Roberts. With such an impressive roster of residents, it’s no wonder Atherton is one of the most sought-after places to live in the Bay Area.

With such wealth and influence nearby, Curry is sure to be comfortable in his new neighborhood.

Stephen Curry has been living happily in their new home since 2019 with his wife Ayesha, children Riley Elizabeth Curry, Ryan Carson Curry, and Canon W. Jack Curry.

Stephen Curry & Family House Tour Video

Stephen Curry’s new home inside & outside tour video

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